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About Us

       As a leading provider of organic landscape design and installation, we take pride in offering the best organic gardens and landscape designs. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. New Growth landscaping was founded on the princples of safe, sane and beautiful outdoor environments. Environments in which customers, with their family and friends can relax, entertain, and play with peace of mind. The founders Eli Thompkins and Tony Zile have for year been environmentally conscious and promoter of organic products and safe landscape management. Tony and Eli has always and continuously approached their trade with a professional atittude and expert deliver of their service. We have attained our expert status through training and hundreds of hours of practicle application and actual experiences. So our dedication to our profession is proven by our satified clients and continuous pursuit of being even better at what we do designing and installing successful landscape environments. Take a few minutes to read the founders introduction letter. Be sure to take a look at our landscape pictures they should give you some proof of our expertise in the landscape trade.

 This is a letter of introduction from Tony Zile and Eli Thompkins.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our qualifications as landscape professionals and experts


 The Founders Background:

            Tony Zile is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany. 

[BOTANY: Is the overall study and understanding including classifying of plants.  Responsibility for that knowledge includes the application of that data for our benefit.]  For the last 30 years Tony has used this knowledge for Practical landscaping applications.As a practicing botanist, he has chosen to specialize in the field of natural organic gardening and landscaping.  He is also adept in garden design, and working with landscape and architectural plans.

            Tony has extensive training in irrigation design and installation.  This knowledge includes successful completion of several training courses with Rain Bird and Toro companies. He designed a proper layout of drip systems over 25 years ago when the ¼-inch tubing had a bad reputation.  He has installed many successful drip irrigation systems since then.  Drip watering has the most efficient water distribution at 90%, next to rain at 97%.

 Tony has always been a true naturalist and conservationist.  He has an extensive knowledge of native, waterwise plants for gardens and designs. He has always pushed the conservation of our natural resources.  This is evident in his design methods when he lays out his gardens and landscape designs. Tony is an experienced lecturer.  He has given many lectures to different groups and is now extending this service to your group.



         Eli Thompkins has been a licensed landscape contractor in good standing for over 26 years.

He has focused his professional expertise in the area of Organic and Holistic Landscaping; bringing better solutions to his clients.He is a skilled and experienced troubleshooter of established and newly planted landscape designs. 

He has also completed several irrigation training programs sponsored by Rain Bird, Weathermatic, Hunter and Toro irrigation companies. Eli is a proficient irrigation designer and installer.He has recently completed his landscape irrigation auditor training and has been Certified by the Irrigation Association [A landscape irrigation auditor is one of the highest levels of training for irrigation water conservation, scheduling and programming.]

     He is trained in the design, installation, programming and the trouble shooting of Smart/Water Wise Irrigation Systems.  [Smart Systems:  These are systems run by real time weather conditions.] Eli is also trained in soil analysis, soil renovation and soil grading.  He also has expertise in resolving landscape drainage problems Eli is currently studying the arts of Holistic Health which gives him a broader view on the whole scene of people, landscape environments; and how these all work together to bring about successful solutions to people and their surrounding environment. Eli is also a skilled speaker and trainer.

The above are some of the qualifications of the two lecturers.

 Some of the services we are experts in:

  • ·         Low impact water design       
  • ·         LED Night Lighting systems
  • ·         Waterwise/Smart Irrigation Systems
  • ·         Irrigation and landscape trouble shooting & repair/correction
  • ·         Paver Patios and driveways
  • ·         Native and drought tolerant landscape installation
  • ·         Soil analysis
  • ·         Drainage installation and trouble shooting
  • ·         Irrigation System Auditing
  • ·         Correct controller programming
  • ·         Safer methods of pest and disease control
  • ·         Maintenance
  • ·         Instruction and training

The above statements are qualifications and services of the founders.

Tony and Eli are very interested in raising the public’s awareness in light of the new water conservation methods and practices.We feel that through education and correct landscape design and installation, we can save our public heartache and money.

 Cordially yours, 

Tony Zile and Eli Thompkins

P.O. Box 3224 Covina, Ca. 91722    

Ph:  866-753-2583   Cell: 626-826-7499                


                                                                              C-27 License: 717964